​​​​​              Norris Bloom, author of Crowns and Kingdoms 

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Kingdom of Nok

Royal color: Orange

Heraldic badge: Eye

Royal gem: Tiger's eye

Kingdom of Bohemia

Royal color: Red

Heraldic badge: Moon

Royal gem: Ruby and Rose quartz

Kingdom of Tarshish

Royal color: Green

Heraldic badge: Crown

Royal gem: Emerald

Kingdom of Britannia

Royal color: Black

Heraldic badge: Dragon

Royal gem: Onyx

Kingdom of Pale

Royal color: Grey

Heraldic badge: Cross

Royal gem: Marble

Kingdom of Magog

Royal color:Purple

Heraldic badge:  Rose

Royal gem: Amethyst


Kingdom of Gothpyal

Royal color: Brown

Heraldic badge: Eagle

Royal gem: Amber-topaz

Kingdom of Eryx

Royal color: Aqua

Heraldic badge: Seahorse

Royal gem: Aquamarine



         Aegis- Top knight of the        


  • Sword amulet- Necklace worn by the Aegis signifying their status

  • Royal signet ring-Ring worn by the king or queen that is used to stamp their signature on royal documents

  • Bird steward-Person responsible for sending message through the black ravens

  • Code of chivalry-Oath taken by the knights of the kingdom to "protect the defenseless and fight for the welfare of all"