​​​​​              Norris Bloom, author of Crowns and Kingdoms 

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Norris Bloom, Author.

"You will each think of a believable tale to reveal to your queen, the royal court, and the villagers. All will believe the child to be dead. You will give your next born child to your trusted aegis to secretly deliver to the cottage within a fortnight of the child's birth," said the king confirming the secret pact. 

Author, Norris Bloom, is a retired school teacher and basketball coach. She taught 5th and 6th grade in the United States before relocating to Upper Basildon, England for 6 years where she developed a love of the English countryside and many English book authors. Additionally, she traveled extensively throughout Europe, feeling a kindred spirit to the long ago kings and queens that once roamed the castles dotted throughout Europe. Her series Crowns and Kingdoms showcases her love of medieval times and the idea of chivalry. You can find her printed and online books under the buy now section.

-Excerpt from Crowns and Kingdoms

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